Welcome to Community Development Investment System (CDIS)


A growing trend in Armenian communities worldwide is to return to Armenia through the use of information technology (i.e. virtual return), temporary return and permanent return. But it needs further incitements in the form of rebuilding communities and state engagement; regional development support mechanisms for stimulating employment, self-employment, business development, start-ups and incentives for improved infrastructure support.


Armenia craves for new and innovative ways, by joint efforts, to foster social responsibility and active citizenship, especially through employment and self-employment among labour migrants and their families. Empowering younger generations of labour migrants, their families and active labour force is necessary in order to promote these values sustainably.


CDIS is designed and developed to stimulate and support virtual return, temporary return, and permanent return, CDIS is a system that will facilitate a ‘dialogue’ on the one hand among identified and assessed clusters, value chains, businesses, and communities, and on the other hand, investors, primarily circular labour migrants, Diaspora and/or Armenians living abroad with an interest to return to Armenia virtually, temporarily or permanently.


CDIS portal is open to anyone interested in investing into clusters, value chains, cooperatives, and businesses, and/or open a business that would fit an identified cluster and/or value chain in Armenia. The main target group, as previously mentioned, are the circular labour migrants, their families, and communities. Other primary target groups are Diaspora and/or Armenians who live abroad and are looking for ways to move virtually, temporarily or permanently to Armenia with the intention to invest in clusters, value chains and/or businesses and/or business start-ups.

CDIS main purpose is

  • to provide information to potential migrants from Armenia with relevant information as a second opinion before deciding to leave the country,
  • to provide content to returnees to Armenia in order to participate in the country’s development.

CDIS platform will act as

  • a database and a link that connects the Diaspora to the local business owners,
  • a matchmaking tool between the two groups with a value-chain focus.

CDIS platform will serve

  • as a common place for diverse business opportunities, network events, or
    investment conferences,
  • It will then present possibilities for virtual knowledge and technology transfer, mentoring and volunteering.

CDIS will match approved business applicants with one or several approved investment offers.

The evaluation and selection of the best business applications will be carried out in three phases. First of all, CDIS will compare approved business applications with approved investment offers available in its database. This is an automated process that is managed by the IT system. After the first phase, an evaluation of the quality and performance of the application will be carried out by the SEA staff, in particular the Leading Specialists of the Labour Migration Unit, through the verification and approval of the information provided. As a third stage, the research will be carried out in the selected communities using the PACA tool. The latter is a participatory assessment of competitive advantages in communities that will give a possibility to explore the opportunities and needs of the community.